Housing First Rhode Island

Connecting people experiencing homelessness to permanent housing without requiring them to be sober or enrolled in behavioral health services.

Thrive Behavioral Health is dedicated to increasing Rhode Islanders’ access to stable and affordable housing. Individuals whose circumstances have led to homelessness are often unable to sustain a high quality of life. Lack of housing can lead to unhealthy levels of self-care, poor lifestyle choices, diminished relationships, deterioration in finances, and loss of employment. This can affect an individual’s health, resulting in chronic pain, depression, anxiety disorders, increased drug and alcohol abuse, and mental illness.

Each year, Housing First supports approximately 300 people who were formerly living on the street. And it’s not just the participants who will be positively impacted by this program. Over 900 of their collateral contacts (family members, friends, and caregivers) will benefit in countless ways including decreased stress, diminished financial burdens, and establishing healthier relationships with their loved ones. Given the performance, service benefits, and significant annual savings, the Housing First model is the best solution to bring an end to chronic homelessness in Rhode Island.

Housing First Rhode Island
A Program of Thrive Behavioral Health
1268 Eddy Street
Providence, RI 02905


*Housing First Rhode Island is a Participating Agency of the Rhode Island Continuum of Care (RICoC) Homeless Management Information System (HMIS).  For the Privacy Policy of the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), click here.