Emergency Services

24-hour crisis hotline for individuals who require immediate support and resources. Help is standing by at 401.738.4300.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, please don't hesitate - let Thrive's knowledgeable and caring staff help. Our Clinicians have been trained to know what to do in a crisis, and they are available to help 24/7, 365 days a year.

Anyone should call the crisis hotline if they need help related to a mental health crisis or if there is an urgent need for substance use intervention. This includes the individual experiencing the crisis, their friends or family, mental health providers, first responders, physicians or other medical providers, schools, employers, and community members.

Thrive's Emergency Services personnel will go anywhere they are needed: to an individual’s home, at their school or workplace, or out in the community. Most insurances are accepted, however, having insurance is not a requirement due to available grant funding. Programs specifically designed to assist Victims of Trauma or Victims of Crime are available free of charge.

Our team is here to help people in crisis avoid hospitalization and lengthy hospital visits whenever possible. When you call our emergency services line, Thrive's staff will:

  • Evaluate the situation and determine the level of care the individual requires
  • If appropriate, facilitate hospitalization for individuals in crisis
  • Create a comprehensive plan for stabilization and sustained recovery
  • Develop a strategy that promotes long term stability
  • Establish referrals for ongoing treatment
  • Connect individuals with community support groups and resources

As a founding partner of Horizon Healthcare Partners, Thrive participates in Behavioral Health Link. When individuals are experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis instead of going to a hospital, they can receive 24 hour emergency services and arrange followup treatment by going to BH Link located at 975 Waterman Avenue in East Providence, RI 02914.

We are standing by to help anyone experiencing a crises. Please don't hesitate - call 401.738.4300.

Thrive’s Emergency Services
50 Health Lane
Warwick, RI 02886