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One Client's Letter to Thrive

"This letter is one of gratitude and praise for the people and programs at Thrive Behavioral Health. I am a grateful recovering addict today and I hope this letter will stand as record for the role Thrive played in my journey of healing. One year ago I was a helpless and hopeless addict living in a perpetual state of misery, dereliction, and pain. Today, I am just over eight months clean and sober and have replaced the helpless and hopeless feelings of days past with a new mantra of vigilance and confidence. This ideological paradigm shift from despondency to optimism happened over a period of time, of course, but the spark to change my life was ignited by the staff at Thrive."

"The staff was adept at explaining even the most intricate of issues pertaining to my disease and constantly maintained a high level of professionalism and honest empathy. I felt I was in a safe place where I could meet my disease head-on and be as open and truthful as need be in order to meet the goals set by staff and myself. The old adage "you get what you put in" comes to mind when thinking about my experience at Thrive and I for one found no limit to the amount of growth and opportunity available. My experiences with Thrive were nothing short of life changing and life saving." Jon C.

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