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In 2021, Thrive provided more than $1,000,000 in uncompensated services to those in need of mental health care, housing, and treatment for substance use disorders.

Please consider a donation to Thrive in 2022 so that we can continue to provide these services to Rhode Islanders in need.

  • Your donation will help children in your community learn coping strategies, form meaningful relationships, and have the support they need to attend school.
  • Your donation will help house the chronically homeless, while providing them treatment and tools to get back on their feet.
  • Your donation will support Hillsgrove Clubhouse, which helps people with mental illness stay out of hospitals and achieve social, financial, and vocational goals. 
  • Your donation helps our communities Thrive.

Be the inspiration. Your support helps us empower lives.


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Alex Fratus, Clinician with Thrive's Youth & Family Services Program, shares coping skills to alleviate stress and anxiety and maintain mental wellness.