Substance Use Services

Integrated counseling, psychiatric, and case management services with on-site collection for random toxicology screens by an independent laboratory for adults experiencing substance use disorders.

Thrive offers a wide range of outpatient services for adults struggling with substance use issues. Individuals seeking treatment receive a comprehensive assessment for mental health, substance use, and trauma related difficulties. Individuals are then enrolled in Thrive’s Mental Health Services, Substance Use Services, or Intensive Outpatient Program for the appropriate treatment.

Thrive’s Outpatient Substance Use Services include:

  • Individual, group, and family counseling
  • Psychiatric medication evaluation and management
  • Case management services through special programs for victims of crime and victims of trauma
  • Random toxicology screens

Thrive's clients are encouraged to become active partners in their treatment and approach challenges as opportunities for personal growth. Treatment services are provided in a safe, respectful, supportive environment and guided by individualized recovery plans developed in collaboration with each client and updated at regular intervals. Services within Thrive are well coordinated and care is taken to collaborate with community medical, behavioral health, and supportive service providers who may also be working with our clients.

Individuals seeking outpatient substance use treatment can secure services in one of two ways: walk through Thrive’s doors at 50 Health Lane in Warwick during walk-in hours or call 401.732.5656 to make an appointment.

Thrive’s Mental Health Services
50 Health Lane
Warwick, RI 02886