Treatment Process

Thrive strives to provide services an atmosphere where dignity, respect and equality are commonplace, thus enabling the fullness of the human potential to develop.

Throughout your involvement with Thrive Behavioral Health, you and your treatment team will meet to assess your needs, discuss your treatment goals, and your progress toward recovery as you strive to reach these goals. Staff will discuss with you your past history, present situation and other various areas of your life such as health and wellness, employment, finances, social relationships and support networks in order to determine the best plan for you to follow.

Staff will ask you to take an active role in discussing your strengths, needs, abilities and preferences in order to develop services to assist you in reaching your goals.  The result of these discussion will be documented on your assessment and in your treatment plan. Each time you meet with staff, they will discuss with you your progress with these goals and treatment interventions. This progress will be documented on a progress note.

It is your responsibility to follow your treatment. Should you find that circumstances are making it difficult or even unnecessary to follow the plan, be sure to talk to your staff worker. Treatment plans are reviewed and revised at three or six month intervals, whenever there are significant changes in your treatment progress, or whenever you identify an additional need, goal or problem you wish to work on.

Criteria for moving towards discharge or    another appropriate level of care will be discussed during your treatment planning process. If you should have any questions concerning your treatment plan, progress in treatment, or transitions/discharge plans, please feel free to discuss this with your staff worker or a supervisor.