Thrive Reviews by our Staff

What is it like to work at Thrive Behavioral Health?

Our staff shared the following feedback about their experience working at Thrive.

I've never been happier.

12 October 2019

Upon leaving a previous company that did not value me at all, walking into Thrive was a breath of fresh air. Pay isn't the highest, however it makes up with phenomenal benefits including several weeks of paid vacation, paid sick time, paid bereavement, paid birthday off and two paid float days. The medical insurance, dental and 401k are also amazing. You are surrounded by empathetic, kind, caring co-workers and truly make a difference in the lives of the broken.

Supportive CEO, Dynamic Leadership Team & Great Team Members

22 July 2019

I've been at Thrive for over five years and I truly enjoy my job, my team mates, and our smart and supportive CEO and leadership team. I feel as if my contributions are appreciated and I have been provided with myriad opportunities for professional and leadership development. 

Employees have fantastic benefits with 11 holidays, birthdays off, and several weeks of vacation that encourage us to rejuvenate so we can be better employees. Very grateful to be a team member of Thrive. 

Great Supervision

1 June 2019

I felt that Thrive was a great place for me to grow in using my clinical skills. The staff were extremely friendly and the supervisors are incredible and truly care to help you grow as a therapist. There is amazing flexibility as you choose when you want to see clients. 

Interning at Thrive Behavioral Heath

11 April 2019

Interning at Thrive Behavioral Health has been nothing short of amazing. I would definitely recommend employment at this agency! The staff is amazing, they are extremely inclusive and made you feel like a paid employee, not just an intern.

Nice Place to Work

22 January 2019

Job has freedom to make your own schedule and you're able to work your own hours. You can see clients in their home or the community. It's a safe environment. Supervision is provided.

Wonderful Place to Work!

16 October 2018

This is a wonderful company to work for! 

I left a company that did not value me as an employee, and came to Thrive. Since becoming a part of this company I have felt valued, not only as an employee but also as a person. I have grown so much personally, since becoming an employee a few years ago. 

When I first began working here, I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone because everyone was so nice and welcoming; something I was not accustomed to from my previous employers. Working here is like working with your family, and not in a dysfunctional way. If you ever have an issue - whether it is personal or professional, everyone is willing and able to help in any way possible.

Our clients are wonderful, and I have definitely seen a difference in clients since starting services with Thrive. Before I became an employee here, I wasn't a big believer in mental health services. However, since becoming a part of the company a few years ago, I have witnessed the amazing transformations of many clients the last few years, and I am now a believer in therapy and psychiatry. 

At any point in the work week throughout each office, you can see many clinicians brainstorming ideas for more effective ways to connect their clients to their treatment to help them reach their treatment goals! As I previously stated, everyone is willing and able to help with anything that you may need assistance with! 

This is an amazing company to work for and it shows in its employees. Thrive values its employees and it shows tremendously with the work that is being done in the community by our many
 knowledgeable, caring, and amazing clinicians. 

Call me biased, but I feel there is no better company to work for! I am very happy with my employment thus far with Thrive Behavioral Health, and do not plan on leaving any time in the future.

Great Place to Work

28 April 2019

You are treated like a professional. Your opinion is valued. There is no micro management. Supervisors are approachable and always available. The management tries to reward its employees.

Productive Work Environment

20 February 2018

A typical workday here is fill with fun and working together. Team work is very special at Thrive. Work is most important here, but everyone is helping everyone to get the work completed for the day. This environment is always open to learning and teaching new things to keep the staff on top of their game. Work is done here with clients being the focus and center of everything.

Totally Supportive Environment

6 January 2018

Supervisors are there to help you if needed. You are not micro managed. You work on your schedule. Culture is the most supportive I've ever worked out. Hardest part of the job is scheduling and managing your time.