Responsibilities of Clients

As a client of Thrive Behavioral Health, you are entitled to certain rights, but you also have certain responsibilities. 

In order to ensure that your experience with us is positive, we have listed some guidelines to assist you. Please take the time to read them carefully and if you have any questions, discuss them with your staff worker.

Thrive’s Clients Agree to:

  • Follow your treatment plan as agreed upon by you and your treatment team
  • Take all medications as prescribed.
  • Report any information about your condition including changes in your health or reaction to medication.
  • Notify staff of any changes affecting eligibility requirements
  • Meet with  staff  to  sign required authorizations and complete a personal annual assessment.
  • Keep your appointments. If you cannot keep an appointment, you must call to cancel at least 24 hours in advance. You may be charged a rescheduling fee before another appointment is made. If you are court ordered for treatment, appropriate notification will be made.
  • Make payments for services at the time services are provided. Two unpaid visits may result in an interruption of services until payment is made.
  • Bring all insurance information with you to each visit. If you have questions about your insurance, please contact your insurance provider.
  • Notify us of any insurance changes and for making payments for any co-pays, unmet deductibles, and non-covered services agreed to in the treatment plan. Insurance deductibles and co-pays cannot be waived.
  • Not bring any alcohol or drugs to Thrive Behavioral Health.
  • Be sober when you come to Thrive Behavioral Health.
  • Not bring firearms or weapons to any Thrive Behavioral Health locations.
  • Observe the no smoking policy.
  • Respect the rights and privacy of others.
  • Raise any concerns with your staff member or asking for assistance in filing a formal grievance.