Code of Conduct Policy

Thrive's staff are held to the standards outlined in its Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct:  Thrive Behavioral Health Staff, Board of Directors, Volunteers, Consultants and Students are responsible for following the principles outlined in its Code of Conduct policy. These standards govern the behavior and practices of all individuals representing Thrive Behavioral Health and apply to both service delivery and business   operations. It is important for you to understand the Code of Conduct. A copy of the Organization’s Code of Conduct is posted at each location. For more information, please contact your staff worker or the Human Rights Officer.

Below is a brief outline of some of these standards. Representatives (Staff,  Board of Directors, Volunteers, Consultants and  Students) are expected to:

  • Provide high quality professional services without bias or discrimination.
  • Use language that communicates respect.
  • Not enter into a personal relationship with a client. Individuals who find themselves in contact with a client through non-work activities must maintain confidentiality of the client’s status and a friendly professional distance must be maintained.
  • Never date or have sexual involvement with a client.
  • Never borrow or lend money to a client.
  • Never give or accept gifts without exploring the significance of the gift with a supervisor.
  • Ensure the client’s right to privacy is maintained.
  • Never physically or verbally abuse another individual.
  • Maintain confidentiality of an individual's personal, private, or financial information.
  • Avoid any potential conflicts of interest.
  • Perform only those duties within the scope of his/her profession.

If you become aware of a violation of the Code of conduct, please contact either the Compliance Officer or Thrive's CEO.